Sewer Line Testing | Under slab plumbing.

A sewer line test is highly recommended when a homeowner suspects problems with the sewer lines under their residence. This is aslo considered a must in this day and age when an individual is considering purchasing an older house.

American Services performs Hydrostatic Testing to determine if there is a leak. Leaks can be in walls, under sinks, and many times under the slab of the house or your building's in it's sewer line system. If the system leaks, an Isolation test must be performed inorder to detect where the leaks are located.

Hydrostatic Testing is a very common procedure, especially in Houston and the surrounding areas. A high percentage of older homes in the Houston area have cast iron sewer pipes under the slab of the house.

Cast iron pipes rust and break down over time when the do they start to leak. Under slab plumbing leaks are a serious problem, American Services specializes in under slab plumbing.

Slab Leaks once detected, be it through high water bills, dampness or wetness on the floor, water coming through the foundation or the settling of the foundation, must be found and corrected as soon as possible.

Slab leaks occur in two places, either the incoming water line or the sanitary sewer line both of which are imbedded in the foundation of your home. Both types of leaks can cause a large amount of damage to the foundation
and each source of leaks has its own probable causes.

Don't leave these leaks for another day! The longer you wait to more of your money goes down the drain. These leaks with time will cause damage to your homes foundation and will also cause considerable cosmetic damages to your home as well.

Our trained staff work fast and get the job done right the first time. American Services is a Gold Star Member of the BBB. We take pride in our work and will leave the work site pristine.

As stated above under slab plumbing leaks can cause foundation problems. If your home's foundation has been affected please visit our foundation repair website for more information on effective ways to solve this issue. Or just Call today and schedule a free foundation inspection

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