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Attention City of Houston Residents

(August 15, 2011)--Mayor Annise Parker ordered mandatory water restrictions for Houston Monday because of the drought. Parker said Monday the city has implemented Stage 2 water conservation methods because of decreasing levels in Lake Houston, which helps provide the city's water supply. The restrictions mean residents can water their lawns no more than twice a week and homeowners must repair water leaks on their property within 72 hours. Parker said residents will at first be warned of any violations, but says repeat offenders will be fined. The city will also take various steps to help conserve water, including discontinuing the washing of city vehicles or equipment except for health or safety reasons. Houston implemented voluntary restrictions on water use in June.


Residential Sewer Repair | Coupon Houston

In the past if your plumbing was clogged, you would call a sewer contractor.
The contractor would come and snake out the line, grinding any roots or clogs
into small enough pieces to pass through your homes plumbing system.

However, if roots were in your pipes, that means that your pipes have a crack
in them, making the need for snaking out your pipes to be at least a yearly

By using a camera, we now have the ability to take the proper steps to eliminate
the problem the first time it occurs. Use this coupon to save on your residential sewer repair. .

Gas Leak Detection - Houston

Natural Gas Leak Detection | Coupon Houston

A natural gas leak is a serious emergency. A Gas Leak, in a Houston residence
or business is a significant and potentially dangerous situation. Natural Gas
explodes when exposed to flame or sparks. Natural Gas by nature is odorless;
however, for safety measures, a smell similar to rotten eggs is added.

Our technicians are equiped with the latest technology to detect natural gas leaks.
You can rest assured that our plumbing technicians will fix the gas leak promptly
and get the job done right the first time. We also install new gas lines.

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